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22 04 2009
arabela's unicorn

arabela's unicorn


larger creatures: the fox, the crow and the washing cat

larger creatures: the fox, the crow and the washing cat

freshest creatures: a flower-dice and a goblin

freshest creatures: a flower-dice and a goblin


Been out of touch with the indie movement in Timisoara for the whole past trimester, been so busy with work, and, am ashamed to admit, totally lacking inspiration.

The girls have been hard at work, though, and there have been at least two handmade events in Timisoara this year. New people have joined the ‘club’, with new artefacts. Photos and details (in Romanian) on the CloudFactory blog.

I’m uploading photos of previous creations: a fox for a fan, a washing cat for my uncle, a crow for Adela, and a unicorn for arabela. And more.

I’m also planning to add a new page to this blog, with other stuff I do, such as paited little cassettes and pencil holders, and what not.


New creatures, new moves

15 01 2009
crow, owl & snorkler

crow, owl & snorkler

Again, new stuff 🙂

Three new guys: a crow, an owl and a snorkler.

(for those of you not knowing the difference between a snorker and a (scuba) diver, the snorkler only has goggles and a breathing tube, no air tank on the back, no octopus, no regulator, no weights)

Back to the new guys. They’re not really new. You’ve seen them before, in white. I finally got around to painting them – and sending them off – before christmas.

Things are on the move again:

Cluj is announcing a fair for April. Keep an eye on their blog:

Ana Maria is holding a photo exhibition:

Ana Maria’s sister, Dea, is right on the Ecuator.

Arabela is making balls of felt like crazy (>100 pcs.):                 

My creatures are being advertised on a gift-idea-blog (for which I am grateful):

And I’m waiting for fresh inspiration, for new creatures.

Feedback handmade exhibition 2

22 12 2008
Dea.Teodorescu took these photos for me, I love how my mini-creatures look.

Dea.Teodorescu took these photos for me, I love how my mini-creatures look.

Our second “Cloud Factory” event took place in a very homy inner court yard.

I had decided 2 days earlier to start painting my white minicreatures, after all, and quite surprisingly managed to lacquer them too. We were now ready for business.

I dare say that for me personally the event was a hit. I sold more than I had expected, and the creatures I had not expected.

It was pretty cold, but the experience was worth it.

There were also 2 out of the 3 announced workshops: bottle/jar & wooden bead painting. Space did not allow for more. Again, there were a lot of participants around the workshop table. And the results were astonishing!

For more photos, check out these links:

photos taken by

the CloudFactory blog

New event: 1-day handmade exhibition

17 12 2008
Cloud Factory & Aethernativ

Cloud Factory & Aethernativ Handmade Exhibition

Yet another Cloud Factory event is taking place this Friday (Dec. 19th). Location: Aethernativ (14 Marasesti Str., Timisoara); 14:00 – 20:00.

We’ll be bringing our handmade stuff again (clothing, shoeses, purses, necklaces, earrings, earrings, earrings, bracelets, broaches, xmas deco (including origami!), and my mini-creatures).

There will be new workshops: jar & bottle painting, recycled wooden bead painting, and japanese gift-wrapping recycle-style! Pay us a visit, get involved, have a great time!

More here:

New tiny thingies

13 12 2008

Yet another bunch of mini-creatures.

The new mouldings include a crow, an owl, a wabbit, a sleeping fox & a sleeping kitty, a chick & a diver. And more! Here’s a preview:

the new bunch

the new bunch

See more photos on the Collection page.

Uploaded photos from the Handmade exhibition

10 12 2008

Feedback and memories from last weekend’s handmade exhibition

8 12 2008

As we promised, we all gathered to place our stuff on display. It was a great event, many people came to see, and although it wasn’t in the plan from the beginning, lots of stuff were sold.

The paint-your-own-tote project was verrry successful, and I even had my own moulding workshop, which I enjoyed a lot.

I was surprised to see how many liked my mini-creatures and how many wanted to order. The piglets were very successful, I had to let Terry-the-spider go, I parted with the little foxy and with the sheep. There were people who wanted mammoths, cows, and other creatures that I have not yet created. So I have a new project ahead. Can’t wait to get started on it.

Photos from the exhibition will follow.