New creatures, new moves

15 01 2009
crow, owl & snorkler

crow, owl & snorkler

Again, new stuff 🙂

Three new guys: a crow, an owl and a snorkler.

(for those of you not knowing the difference between a snorker and a (scuba) diver, the snorkler only has goggles and a breathing tube, no air tank on the back, no octopus, no regulator, no weights)

Back to the new guys. They’re not really new. You’ve seen them before, in white. I finally got around to painting them – and sending them off – before christmas.

Things are on the move again:

Cluj is announcing a fair for April. Keep an eye on their blog:

Ana Maria is holding a photo exhibition:

Ana Maria’s sister, Dea, is right on the Ecuator.

Arabela is making balls of felt like crazy (>100 pcs.):                 

My creatures are being advertised on a gift-idea-blog (for which I am grateful):

And I’m waiting for fresh inspiration, for new creatures.




One response

16 01 2009

I’ve put a link in my blog with your site. Hope it’s ok with you. Do you have like a html button or something? 🙂

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