Here’s how you can make such little thingies yourself:

I use white air-drying clay which I buy in stationery stores (there are other materials, too, such as Fimo and the likes of it, proper oven-drying clay, etc. I haven’t experimented with these yet).

You mold the clay according to your imaginary image of the creature-to-be.

And you dry it / you let it dry.

With most creatures I compose them of several elements (body, head, feet, etc.) which I eventually stick together. This way, they are easier to mold and will stick together better. For glue I use Uhu. Take care not to stick your fingers together.

Aaaaand then I paint them. With acrylic paint, because it’s water-resistant.

Last but not least, I lacquer them. It gives them a nice finish and extra protection.

*** *** ***

Here’s how I created Lucica. I’ve kept a ‘log’:



Anyone can do it!

Among those who joined me for the moulding workshop (at last weekend’s handmade fair), was Arabela, from Arad, who is making her own handmade stuff. It turns out that she is very tallented not only with felt, but also with ceramics. Visit her blog to see her two mini-creations, Pipsy & Poopsy: .

Arabela's Pipsy & Poopsy

Arabela's Pipsy & Poopsy


Use up the old stuff

Here’s how I created the bat: the head-body-ears are made of air-drying-clay. the wings are cut out from a floppy disk’s magnetic material.

the bat and the remains of the floppy disk

the bat and the remains of the floppy disk


One response

24 11 2008
Alex J

super faina albinutza.
eu as vrea o bufnitza.


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