4 12 2008

Vineri-Sambata (5-6 Dec.)

Orar: Vineri: 12:00-19:00, Sambata: 10:00-19:00

Locatie: “Palatul Cultelor” Pta Unirii, Str. A. Pacha nr.8, vis-a-vis de Java Food

Va asteptam la prima ‘joint-expozitie’ a articolelor si accesoriilor realizate MANUAL de catre un grup de tineri din Timisoara si Arad.

Toate articolele expuse sunt realizate de expozanti, cu propria lor imaginatie si propriile lor manutze.

Vor fi haine, genti, pantofi si cizmulitze, accesorii fel de fel, si multe altele.

Invitatia se extinde atat celor interesati sa achizioneze astfel de articole (pentru ca s-au saturat de monotonia/uniformitatea magazinelor si in acelasi timp doresc sa sprijine aceasta miscare creativa), cat si celor care doresc sa se alature grupului de ‘artizani’.

Intrarea este libera, va asteptam la un ceai cald!

Mai pe larg despre eveniment puteti citi pe blogul-umbrela:


(Nota: expozitia nu va fi cu vanzare, insa artistii vor prelua ‘comenzi’)


New mini-creatures!

2 12 2008

Check out the 5 new minicreatures on the Order page!

There’s a new, smaller, nicer mini-pig; a mini-fox; a mini-cyber-kitty; a mini-worm and a mini-mouse.

new mini-creatures!

new mini-creatures!

Handmade Fair in Timisoara

26 11 2008
handmade fair in timisoara

handmade fair in timisoara

A handful of people from the area of Timisoara & Arad will be presenting their handmade, homemade, selfmade creations, be it clothes, shoes, bags, earrings or other accessories/objects.
This is a first-time event in the area, and will surely be verrrry interesting.
It’s going to be a fair rather than an exhibition, but there will be no sale.
It will be part exhibition, part workshop, part fashion show, part chitchat and tea drinking.
I’ll be there, too!
You are all welcome, on Dec. 5th-6th.
For those who speak Romanian, here are some extensive articles:

What are they?

22 11 2008

These moulded little objects are made of air-drying clay.

They are about the size of a 1-euro-coin.

They are not supposed to be wet, submerged, hit, squashed, dropped, pierced or acted upon in any other malevolent way.

They presently serve no other purpose but to please their owners’ eyes 🙂

I keep them on my laptop, like tiny inert pets (because I have no real pets).

There will be more to come. Every time I create a new mini-creature, new ideas come to my mind.

A collection of mini-creatures

21 11 2008

It all started with a brick of clay and a rush of inspiration.

First came Röfi, the pink mini-pig,

then Terry, the terrifying hippie mini-spider,

then Joe, my favorite and most simple creation,

and the fruit-fly, who doesn’t really have a name. Let’s call it Jimmy.

Please enjoy!